How to Add Pool Chlorine Tablets to Your Pool 2024

It is very important to maintain the proper level of chlorine in your pool water, introducing 3 simple and applicable methods of adding cheap pool chlorine tablets
1: Pool Skimmer: This is the simplest method, very convenient, and easy to apply.
2: Floating Dispenser: you can put more than one piece, it is also very easy to use, and chlorine can be released slowly throughout the pool
3: Automatic Chlorinator: The chlorinator is filled with tablets and then the chlorine is slowly released, always providing a constant flow of water to the pool through the return nozzle.
Here is a detailed description of how to add chlorine tablets to your pool, please read on

The swimming pool industry maintains clean water quality, generally by chlorine tablets to clean up, chlorine is an effective bactericide and can destroy many harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, thereby reducing the risk of people contracting diseases, although it can effectively kill toxins, but also can not be over-input, too much is easy to cause the pool water residual chlorine concentration exceeds the standard, often on the human eye, oral mucosa, respiratory system, skin, and other irritation, so the residual chlorine content must be controlled to avoid harm to humans.

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Pool water chemical composition

Cyanuric acid

  1. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (Dichlor, C3Cl2N3NaO3) and trichloro isocyanurate (Trichlor, C3Cl3N3NaO3) are organic compounds, so it is called organic disinfectants. It decomposes into cyanuric acid and chlorine in water, and its cyanuric acid is a stabilizer. It controls the amount of hypochlorous acid generated first so that the chlorine in the drug is released gradually and only a small portion of hypochlorous acid is lost even under the light.
  2. Cyanuric acid will accumulate in the pool water, it will be destroyed by sunlight quickly if its residual amount is too small, if its residual amount is too high it may reduce the chlorine generation, it will increase the bacteria and breed algae. Therefore, cyanuric acid must be monitored and controlled when using these two disinfectants.

Trihalomethanes are by-products that appear in the pool water and the air over the water surface when chlorine chemicals are used as disinfectants for pool water. It is a potentially teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic substance. People who swim will inhale it through their skin and mouth. According to the information, people inhale two-thirds of the substances in the body from the skin in swimming and only one-third from the oral cavity. Therefore, control of the content of trihalomethanes in pool water cannot be ignored.

internationally, the trihalomethanes listed in the water quality of swimming pools are: ① Germany and the International Swimming Federation (FINA) is not greater than 20μg / L; ② Japan (2001) for 200μg / L; ③ British 1999 version of the specification for 100μg / L, other countries have not been included.

In order to prevent the abuse of chlorine products and disinfectants and protect the health of swimmers, this indicator in the new water quality standards for swimming pools was developed with reference to the World Health Organization and Japanese regulations.

Before putting it in, read the following instructions carefully, which describe in detail how to use it and the content of the chlorine tablets, and use the instructions as a reference to decide how much chlorine to add to the pool

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cheap pool chlorine tablets
cheap pool chlorine tablets

Preparation before adding cheap pool chlorine tablets

A. Wear gloves to avoid skin irritation

The best way to reduce the chance of irritating your hands is to get into the habit of wearing gloves to do things. When doing household chores that touch water, if you are a person with skin allergies, you need to wear two layers of gloves, a sweat-absorbing cotton glove on the inside and a waterproof plastic glove on the outside.

Gloves should be prepared in several pairs, cotton gloves are soaked with sweat when you need to replace them, and plastic gloves broken also need to be replaced immediately, Do not only wear plastic gloves, because sweat and dirt-soaked hands are more likely to suffer from allergens or irritants invasion and lead to worsening of dermatitis eczema, even if wearing two pairs of gloves, every half hour to an hour of work but also to temporarily take off the gloves to let your hands breathe.

B. Check for any damage to the chlorinator or float.

Before adding chlorine to the pool, it is important to check whether the chlorinator or float is damaged, sometimes the machine is damaged and people don’t notice it, and only realize it after adding it, which can lead to a series of chain problems, and it is also tedious to check, and sometimes the cause of the problem is not found even after a few days of checking, so before adding 3 inch chlorine tablets to the pool, please make sure to check the chlorinator or float for any damage or wear and tear. Make sure they are working properly. If you find any problems, replace or repair the unit promptly to avoid compromising its performance and causing unnecessary risks.

Adding cheap pool chlorine tablets to your pool

Adding cheap pool chlorine tablets to a swimming pool is one of the most important steps in maintaining the water quality of your pool if you want to keep the water clear and free of viruses and bacteria at all times.

2g swimming pool chlorine tablets: these are small tablets that contain mainly chlorine at about 50%. Because of its small tablets, the chlorine content is not particularly high, so it dissolves relatively quickly. The dosage is 2kg per 1000 cubic meters of water, that is, 2g per cubic meter of water. usage is very simple, after weighing the exact amount, directly sprinkle it into the pool. The cheap pool chlorine tablets disinfect the pool water from top to bottom as they sink to the bottom of the pool.

It dissolves in about 10 minutes after sinking to the bottom of the pool, with no residue. It is usually used daily, at night after the pool is closed. Due to its fast dissolving speed, it can also be used to quickly replenish the residual chlorine in the middle of the day, for example, during the summer when there is a lot of traffic, you can take advantage of the midday break to replenish the residual chlorine in the pool water.

The 200g cheap pool chlorine tablets are relatively large tablets, containing about 90% chlorine, with large tablets and high content, so their dissolution speed is slow. Usually, you have to use a dosing device to dose. Although this chlorine tablet is slow to dissolve, the performance is stable, and a few days to add once, many private pools like to use it, mainly because of the convenience, and do not have to put chlorine tablets every day.

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Maintenance and safety tips

cheap pool chlorine tablets are very afraid of direct sunlight and too high temperatures, especially in the summertime, the sun is very abundant and very hot, it is not recommended to put it outdoors, if there is no place at home, only put it outdoors, then you must choose a shady place, otherwise the role of chlorine tablets will become smaller, resulting in the pool can not be effectively cleaned, we usually recommend to put it in a closed very good container, so as to avoid moisture We usually recommend to put it in a very good closed container so that it will avoid moisture and will not come in contact with other items leading to dissolution.

cheap pool chlorine tablets also require attention to the following:
Chlorine tablets should be stored in a concealed or very high place where children are not allowed near them, these are chemicals and children are usually very naughty and can easily ingest them by mistake and cause harm to children, so try to store them in a place where children cannot reach them.

Chlorine tablets have a shelf life, and the shelf life of cheap pool chlorine tablets from different manufacturers is also different, do not put expired chlorine tablets into the pool to use, not only can not achieve the effect but also affect health.

Before use, see if the cheap pool chlorine tablets are damaged, if damaged check what causes.
In conclusion, there are certain ways to protect cheap pool chlorine tablets so that they are always in the best condition and ready to be used to keep your pool clean and safe.

Finally, by following these simple steps, you can confidently add cheap pool chlorine tablets to your pool to help keep it clean and safe all season long!

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