What’s the Difference Between the best chlorine tablets for Pool and Other Types of Chlorine?

The main differences are in composition, application, dissolution speed, concentration, packaging form, usage, etc. The following will be described in detail from these aspects, please read on.

Main Ingredients of best chlorine tablets for Pool

The main ingredients of pool chlorine tablets are melamine, ammonium nitrate, and silicon dioxide. The melamine acts as a slow-release agent to extend the residual chlorine in the pool water; the ammonium nitrate provides a fast germicidal effect and increases the residual chlorine concentration in the water in a short period; and the silica helps control the dissolution rate, thus ensuring that enough residual chlorine is released throughout the cycle. The ratio of these chemical elements allows the water to remain healthy and not harmful to humans.

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The chemistry that other types of chlorine tablets may contain

Other types of chlorine tablets may contain a variety of chemical components, the most common of which are Dichloroisocyanuric Acid and Trichloroisocyanuric Acid. All of these ingredients can release effective chlorine gas in the water, which can also have a disinfecting, germicidal effect.
Note: All types of chlorine tablets should not be added in excess, as excess can be counterproductive and, at the same time, can cause harm to humans.

Main Uses of best chlorine tablets for Pool

The main use of pool chlorine tablets is to maintain the pool water clean and hygienic, and they can also control the growth of algae. If pool water is not cleaned for a long time, the water will turn green, which leads to the growth of a lot of algae, which is a very bad mood, use chlorine tablets to clean the pool, because the chlorine tablets will slowly dissolve over time, and release stable chlorine into the water, so that the quality of pool water will slowly become better.

Swimming pool chlorine tablets are easy to use, just add them to a skimmer or floating chlorinator and let them do their job. These tablets can also be used in hot tubs, spas, fountains, and other outdoor water features.

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Chlorine tablets can also eliminate unpleasant odors caused by organic matter such as sweat or urine. Sometimes when people swim in pools, especially small children, they will urinate, into the pool, which can have an odor and can be disinfected with chlorine tablets.

Note: Use these products correctly according to the instructions on the label, as excess chlorine can irritate the eyes or skin. When using chlorine tablets, do not allow children to come near them. Children who feel curious will touch the chlorine tablets with their hands and easily ingest them by mistake, causing bodily harm, and can use them secretly when children are sleeping.
Overall, chlorine tablets are a very simple and practical way to clean your pool, it is easy to use and also very convenient to provide crystal clear water to your pool throughout the summer.

best chlorine tablets for Pool

The concentration of best chlorine tablets for pool

The concentration of pool chlorine tablets refers to how much chlorine tablets are dissolved in a certain volume of water. When cleaning the pool, the amount should be controlled, in general, the pool chlorine content between 1-3ppm, if the concentration is too high, it may bring harm to human health if the concentration is too low, the pool bacteria and viruses can not be completely destroyed, so it is recommended to test the chlorine content before cleaning the pool, and then in deciding how much chlorine tablets to add to the pool inside, so as not to waste chlorine, and not to cause harm.

Other types of chlorine tablets may require higher concentrations

  1. Drinking water disinfection: 0.5-5ppm soluble chlorine concentration is generally recommended.
  2. Medical device disinfection: 3%-6% concentration is generally recommended.
  3. Food processing disinfection: generally recommended concentration of soluble chlorine is 50-200ppm.
  4. Public place sanitation: generally recommended concentration of soluble chlorine is 200-1000ppm.

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Common packaging forms of best chlorine tablets for Pool

The most common form of swimming pool chlorine tablets packaging is a plastic drum or bag. Usually, 5lbs, 10lbs chlorine tablets are packaged in plastic buckets, which are more convenient to use, and beaten capacity chlorine tablets will be packaged in buckets because the packaging usually has a larger capacity, which is not convenient to carry and can be placed near the swimming pool. But to do a good job of sun protection, in addition, there are some individually packaged, smaller pool chlorine tablets products, suitable for use in travel, camping, and other outdoor activities.

B. Other types of chlorine tablets packaging forms

For some common household cleaning products such as bleach or disinfectant, sealed packages such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, or aluminum foil bags are usually used. These products are small in size, easy to carry and use, and can be purchased in the right size and quantity according to actual needs.
In addition, in the field of industrial production, there will be a corresponding need to have high concentration, high-capacity requirements of chlorine tablets products. These products are usually packaged in large containers such as barrels or containers and are equipped with specialized transport equipment for transportation and use.

How to use the best chlorine tablets for Pool

Chlorine tablets should only be a helping hand. Instead of filling your chlorinator or floater to the top with tablets, use one three-inch tablet for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. If you are shocking your water weekly, this amount of tablets should be perfect to maintain a good chlorine level.

Before choosing and using any type of chlorine tablets, you should understand its characteristics and suitable range, and follow the instructions and professional guidance to avoid affecting your health!

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