How to use chlorine tablets to disinfect the swimming pool

5 lb chlorine tablets should be put into the swimming pool 2 hours in advance before opening, and the residual chlorine should be detected first, and then 2 kg of chlorine tablets should be added per 1000 cubic meters to increase the ratio of 1mg/L to calculate the dosage. For example: To increase 0.5 mg/L in a 500 cubic swimming pool, 0.5 kg of chlorine tablets should be added.

The high temperature is slowly approaching. The hot summer brings many people to the deserted swimming pool. The hot weather makes us get closer to the water. The number of people in the swimming pool continues to increase. I have personally experienced the spectacular scene of “dumplings” in the swimming pool in summer. Summer is the high-frequency period of swimming pool use. How can we do a good job in the daily maintenance of the swimming pool and make swimming easy? This article will explain this in detail, please continue reading

Swimming pool water quality treatment, regarding disinfection, is an important task. Swimming pool water quality disinfection is to eliminate all kinds of bacteria, spores, viruses, etc. in the water to make the water quality meet the standard. The residual chlorine contained in the water can not only disinfect and sterilize but also prevent the growth of algae and prevent the water from turning green.

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How to use 5 lb chlorine tablets to disinfect the water quality of the swimming pool, and how is the water quality of the swimming pool considered to be up to standard?

First of all, you need to understand the situation of your swimming pool, reasonably calculate the number of chlorine tablets used according to the capacity of the swimming pool, and reasonably disinfect according to the usual water quality. Secondly, we must understand the effect and usage of each swimming pool chlorine tablet, as well as the usage of the dosing device.

Swimming pool disinfectants usually use several types of chlorine tablets and chlorine granules. The main component of the disinfectant is chlorine, which is 5 lb chlorine tablets, which are used for daily disinfection of swimming pools.

The swimming pool chlorine tablets are usually used every morning 2 hours before opening and once after closing, and the dosage is usually 2g/cubic water. Assuming that the outdoor swimming pool is freshwater or after it rains, it should be doubled. Swimming pool 5 lb chlorine tablets can be put directly into the water, and the dissolution is completed in about 10 minutes, which is fast. Therefore, it can be used for daily maintenance of water quality. Assuming that there are too many swimmers in summer, it can be used to supplement residual chlorine during the intermission.

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Some users prefer instant chlorine tablets, which are relatively simple to use, dissolve quickly, and can quickly replenish residual chlorine. Some users prefer slow-dissolving 5 lb chlorine tablets, which can be dispensed with a dosing device and can be used for several days without management. Some users prefer disinfection Powder, more durable. Which one to use can be chosen according to your preference.

5 lb chlorine tablets
5 lb chlorine tablets

However, it should be noted that general swimming pool chlorine pellets should be used in conjunction with chlorine powder or instant chlorine tablets, and slow-dissolving chlorine tablets should also be used in conjunction with instant 5 lb chlorine tablets. That is to say, if you usually use slow-dissolving chlorine tablets or chlorine granules, it is recommended to prepare some instant chlorine tablets or chlorine powder. Due to the rapid consumption of residual chlorine in summer, it is necessary to quickly replenish residual chlorine midway, slow-dissolving chlorine tablets cannot be done, and instant ones can be used to quickly replenish residual chlorine.

Summer whether it is the seaside or small riverside, less adults and children, seawater river water is flowing water, and still has a certain self-purification ability, but the swimming pool water quality unlike the riverside can automatically update new water, in this fixed area of stagnant water assuming no frequent filtration disinfection maintenance, water quality will soon become bad. In order to ensure a healthy swimming environment for swimmers, water disinfection maintenance in the pool can not be delayed. The number of swimmers in the summer itself, in order to prevent problems before they occur, the health surveillance of the water quality department of the pool water quality requirements more stringent, and sampling is also more frequent.

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Do this so you can reduce pool “chlorine damage”

Chlorine is a very common disinfectant used in public swimming pools, we need to use it to destroy bacteria, but the use of more 5 lb chlorine tablets disinfectant will have adverse effects on the human body, we commonly called “chlorine injury”.

1、Make the skin dry

The chlorine in chlorine tablets will make the skin dry, and some people may feel itchy and painful when swimming; in serious cases, it even changes the structure of the skin, making the skin appear dry, and cracked, pimples and other symptoms.

2、Make the hair weak

The chlorine in chlorine tablets are chemicals that can dry out your hair. Chlorine removes sebum and causes loss of natural oils, leading to dryness, breakage, and split ends. It also destroys the proteins in your hair, causing it to become damaged and lose its original luster, and can even turn dyed hair green.

3, irritate the eyes

Chlorine has a high degree of irritation to the mucous membrane of the eyes, swimming will make the eyes dry, and even make the eyes red and itchy, with burning and stinging sensations, and in serious cases even lead to pink eye.

how to avoid “chlorine injury” during swimming?

Recommendation 1

Wear a good swim cap, waterproof glasses, nose plugs, and ear plugs. During the swimming process, do not rub your eyes directly with your hands after the goggles enter the water, and rinse your eyes and goggles with water in time. If choking occurs, rinse your mouth with water in time.

Recommendation 2

Eliminate uncivilized behavior such as not showering before entering the pool, not bringing a swim cap, not washing feet, pool spit, pool urination, and rubbing after entering the pool. In addition, do not drink before swimming.

Recommendation 3

Swimming time should not be too long and too frequent, otherwise, some sensitive people may have skin allergies and other conditions.

Recommendation 4

After swimming and then showering with water, at the same time, you can apply the right amount of body lotion to make up for the necessary oil missing from the skin in the chlorine pool.

Swimming is a very popular fitness exercise, the human body has many benefits, not only enhancing cardiorespiratory function, but also improving the body’s immunity, weight loss and shaping, and other effects. Although swimming has many benefits, but the pool may also be a health hazard. After swimming in swimming pools with poor hygiene, swimmers often suffer from pink eye, sinusitis, otitis media, “pool fever”, viral upper respiratory infections, or itchy skin, flushing, and gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, it is important to disinfect the pool water to prevent the spread of disease and protect the health of swimmers.

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