Is 3-inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs harmful to people?

Pool 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs will affect people, but are not harmful. Only chlorine gas in substances containing chlorine is harmful to the human body, inhalation will be poisoned. But chlorine combined with water will be a chemical reaction, changing the structure, this ignorance is harmless to the human body, such as the tap water we drink is disinfected with chlorine-containing substances, so there is no harm to the human body.

Swimming pool water disinfection is generally disinfected with chlorine tablets, trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfection tablets and trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfection powder are two common disinfection agents, in the swimming pool water treatment industry, also called swimming pool disinfection powder and swimming pool disinfection tablets or pool chlorine tablets, then many people will have questions, pool chlorine tablets in the end is harmful to people? Today, to give you a detailed explanation, please continue to read on.

Disinfection chlorine is harmful, the substance itself is toxic and harmful, chlorine itself is a chemical weapon, but what substances are concerned about the concentration, diluted in the pool is mainly used for disinfection, in some places the air will also contain trace amounts of chlorine, water plants tap water disinfection is also used containing chlorine agents. Therefore, as long as the concentration of chlorine is below the standard, it is basically harmless to the human body.

Although there will be no danger, still be careful, after swimming in the pool must pay attention to the shower. Because after swimming, germs can easily remain on the skin, plus the pool is often used chlorine tablets disinfection, easy to irritate the skin, therefore, must be carefully bathed. At the same time, also wash your hair, mouthwash, and appropriate chloramphenicol eye drops, so as not to swim and catch the disease.

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Eight misconceptions about 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs for pool disinfection.

1. Does “disinfectant water smell” represents the disinfection in place?

No, it doesn’t.

One is that consumers tend to think that the smell of “disinfected water” is the best proof of disinfection, while on the other hand, managers think that the smell of “disinfected water” is the result of putting in too much chlorine tablets for pool and are afraid to continue adding chlorine tablets.

First of all, the smell of “disinfected water” is not the smell of chlorine tablets, but the smell of chloramines, which is a combination of chlorine, including mono-chloramine, dichloramine, trichloramine, and so on. Therefore, when the smell of disinfected water is very heavy, it is not the result of adding too many 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs, but the result of the reaction between the free residual chlorine in the water and the human metabolism of chlorine- and nitrogen-containing organic substances (such as sweat, urine, saliva, snot, skin metabolites, etc.) in large quantities.

Secondly, the theory of chlorine chemistry points out that there is no smell in swimming pools with a free residual chlorine content of up to 10 PPM or more. In domestic pools, the standard residual chlorine content is 0.3~0.6.PPM. Therefore, the amount of 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs put in the pool disinfection, and nose smell is useless, but also rely on water quality testing to speak.

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3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs
3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs

2. the use of disinfectant 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs disinfection is very simple?

It’s really not simple!

Pool water is a very complex solution system, coupled with the uncertainty of the people entering it, which adds to the difficulty of maintenance.

For the frequency of daily injection, 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs dosage, PH value control, transparency maintenance, etc., each link, is the interaction, mutual influence.

3. Does the pool-long algae mean that the disinfection of chlorine tablets used not enough?

Not necessarily.

The residual chlorine concentration is a problem, but the PH management is also important, on the basis of a certain residual chlorine content, PH value is low, will also promote the growth of algae, only PH control in the range of weak alkaline, in order to better control the green algae.

On the other hand, over-stabilization can also lead to algae growth in the pool.

When there is green algae production, the chlorine around the green algae will destroy the green algae, and in case of an insufficient supply of subsequent 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs, the dead algae will form a protective layer, making it more difficult to be destroyed.

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4. the pool disinfection of chlorine tablets into the pool when the water will change color, some are yellow or green, or even black, is the 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs have problems?

No, it is not.

If the water source used is groundwater, clean water, or spring water, containing many metal ions: copper, iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, and other components. These are present in the state of ions. So the water looks very clear sense clean, but after adding swimming pool disinfection chlorine tablets, the water becomes discolored.

5. the pool water is cloudy because of microbial proliferation?

Not necessarily.

There are many reasons for the cloudy water and poor permeability of the swimming pool.

1) circulation filtration system design volume is insufficient: this may be in the design at the beginning of the use of the purpose and the actual operation of the goal is different caused by.

2)water balance problems: swimming pool water quality bias in the direction of scaling in the water balance, that is, the pool water has too many calcium carbonate particles, resulting in turbidity.

3)algae control: due to the growth of algae produced in a cascade split, in the absence of good control of water quality, even if the use of artificial lighting indoor swimming pool, after the algae began to grow, the pool water permeability will immediately reduce.

4)heavy load: such as the pool suddenly a large number of swimmers into, rain, a large number of replenishment into the water containing impurities, etc.

5)suspended ions: the accumulation of organic substances containing ammonia and nitrogen, resulting in suspended ions blocking the penetration of light.

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6. there is no way to effectively remove the “chlorine odor”?

No, there is not.

UV and ozone can effectively decompose the combined residual chlorine, but in comparison, medium-pressure UV has the advantage of lower equipment cost, compact equipment occupies a smaller area, and has better adaptability. And the use of medium-pressure UV equipment to remove bound residual chlorine does not cause changes in the pH value of the water and does not generate disinfection by-products, which is very ideal for dechlorination.

7. The rarer the disinfection process, the more effective.

No, the effect speaks from strength!

From disinfection of 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs, ultraviolet light, ozone, and brine baths, to now come into the public eye of a variety of heavy metal ion purification methods, and a variety of purification processes are emerging, but the really effective is to withstand the test of time. The MAHC specification states that chlorine, bromide, ozone, and UV are all EPA-registered disinfection methods, while “brine bath” and metal ion decontamination methods are not certified by the EPA.

8. the use of disinfectant chlorine tablets disinfection cost is very low?

Not really!

People often think that the cost of disinfection with chlorine tablets is low because the initial investment cost is not high. However, the subsequent ongoing maintenance costs, acid-base regulators, ion removers, coagulants, as well as in-process testing, and human maintenance, it’s all money. In addition to the corrosion of the pool, equipment, piping, and chlorination disinfection operation management level is high, some people have roughly calculated that with the use of 3 inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs of disinfection, the annual operating costs will be more than 700,000.

Compared to the higher initial investment, but low maintenance and management costs of UV disinfection, UV disinfection operating costs will be more than 50% less than the cost of chlorine disinfection, which is an excellent synergistic disinfection method.

Through the above explanation, I believe we all have the right person’s understanding, interested friends also want to know more about swimming pool disinfection knowledge, you can continue to browse the rest of this website. Friends who have a demand for pool chlorine tablets can also browse our official website, we will do our best to serve you.

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