How to Use Above Ground 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs for Effective Care

Having a ground pool is a wonderful luxury, Being consistent with your cleaning can help afford not only infections but accidents too .finding an easy and effective plan for your ground pool maintenance will allow you to relax and enjoy your pool.

The foundation of effective pool care is built on three simple but important concepts: circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.

· Good Water Circulation

In your pool, moving water is cleaner, clearer, and safer. Proper pool circulation is key to healthy and safe swimming. A pool with good circulation rarely has issues like cloudy water or pool algae infestation. Keep your pump and filter system running daily to maximize circulation.

· Pool Cleaning

Skim, brush, and vacuum your pool weekly, at a minimum. This will keep debris out of your water, and your walls sparkling clean. 

Remove Leaves + Debris: Brush and vacuum the sides/bottom of your pool and skim the surface. Get any leaves and debris out of the pool. Is there calcium buildup around the water line that you want to get rid of? Now is the time to address it.

Clean The Filter: Make sure all your pool equipment is running and working, a clean filter helps your equipment perform more effectively.

· Balancing Your Water Chemistry

The most important tool in your bag of water care tricks is your water testing kit. Bad water chemistry can mean algae and dangerous swimming conditions. Test the phosphate levels, stabilizer levels, chlorine/ph/alkalinity, calcium, and ads levels. Proper Chlorine Tablets Will Make Your Pool Care More Efficient.

The three most important parts of pool water chemistry are:

· pH levels: The measure of how acidic or basic your pool water is. Low pH levels are acidic, while high levels are basic. The ideal range for your pool is 7.4 to 7.6.

· Alkalinity: Works as a pH buffer and helps avoid huge spikes in basicity or acidity. The ideal range is 100 to 150 parts per million (ppm). 

· Sanitizer levels: The amount of chlorine, bromine, etc. in your pool water. 

Once you know your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels, you can start to add chemicals to tweak your water balance., such as chlorine tablets.

Where Should You Place The 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs In The Pool?

This is a common misconception. You can’t (or shouldn’t) just throw the tablets into the pool and let them dissolve. This is due to the possibility of not evenly distributed chlorine levels. Also, Tablets can go straight to the floor, damaging the surface materials. The correct place for them is a device that can help distribute them as evenly as possible. 

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Is 3-inch pool chlorine tablets 50 lbs harmful to people?

How to Properly Add 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs to Your Pool

· Floating dispenser

The beauty of floating dispensers lies in their simplicity. They hold just a few tablets and keep them safely contained to gradually dissolve. As the dispenser floats across the surface of your pool, it releases chlorine into your water.

· Skimmer

As your pool pump runs, water floats in through your skimmer line, past the pump, into the filter, through the heater, and back into the pool. With a constant stream of water running through it for most of the day, your skimmer offers the perfect spot for both distributing and dissolving the chlorine from your tablets.

· Automatic chlorinator

With an automatic chlorinator, you load it up, set the feed rate, and enjoy clean water. It saves you the time you’d have to spend adding new tablets each week. 

For the best results, use this chlorine tablet dosage chart as a reference:

· 2,500 – 5,000 gallon pools:1 chlorine tablet per week

· 7,000-gallon pool:1-2 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs per week

· 10,000-gallon pool:2 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs per week

· 13,500-gallon pool:2-3 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs per week

· 15,000 – 17,000 gallon pools:3 chlorine tablets per week

· 20,000-gallon pool:3-4 3 inch chlorine tablets 50lbs per week

· 25,000-gallon pool: “4-5 tablets per week

· 30,000-gallon pool:5-6 tablets per week

When you understand the care it needs and plan, you might find yourself taking pride in your pool care prowess. You’ll enjoy not just your swim, but the peace of mind that comes with regular and thorough pool maintenance.

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