Can I Just Throw stabilized chlorine tablets In My Pool

stabilized chlorine tablets should not be thrown directly into the pool, directly into the pool will lead to uneven distribution of chlorine content, and the release rate will be too fast, which will cause great harm to the pool equipment, you need to put it into a floating distributor or separator basket, they can ensure that the chlorine is evenly distributed. Please read on for more details below.

Chlorine is the most commonly used disinfectant for swimming pools because the chlorine in water can produce hypochlorous acid, which spreads to the surface of bacteria, crosses the cell membrane, and enters the interior of the cell, where the bacteria die due to the oxidation of chlorine atoms breaking the system of certain enzymes in the bacteria. Of course, chlorine is also a double-edged sword, putting too much chlorine for a period of time will form an excessive residual chlorine.

When the chlorine and water bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter, inorganic matter, and so on the role in the consumption of a part of the amount of chlorine, but also a part of the amount of chlorine left, this part of the chlorine is called residual chlorine. Residual chlorine is very irritating and harmful to the human respiratory tract, so it is necessary to control the residual chlorine content.

Improper dosage of chlorine can be risky

1, too much chlorine in the pool may affect the human respiratory system, may lead to shortness of breath in the process of swimming, and may also lead to drowning hazards, so should pay attention to it, must be reasonable conditioning and timely removal, so better for human health.

2, excessive chlorine in the pool, the human body damage is relatively large, in serious cases may also lead to lung disease, may also lead to heart failure, some patients in the process of swimming will appear coughing and vomiting phenomenon.

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Damage to pool equipment and accessories

When there is too much chlorine in the indoor pool will have an impact on the indoor equipment and buildings, the chlorine in the pool water will follow the evaporation of the pool water into the air, when the indoor building and equipment in this type of environment for a long time, it will be susceptible to erosion, affecting its normal service life.

So the process of swimming in the pool should be tested for water quality, if the phenomenon of water pollution, or the phenomenon of excessive chlorine, the best should be targeted conditioning, which can effectively avoid the danger of death, and the health of people is also better.

stabilized chlorine tablets
stabilized chlorine tablets

stabilized chlorine tablets Incorrect distribution is mainly in the following cases

  1. improperly placed: as mentioned above, the 3 inch pool chlorine tablets are thrown directly into the pool, resulting in a different concentration of chlorine.
  2. Not dissolved: this situation will also cause the concentration of chlorine is not uniform.
  3. Inappropriate use of quantity: without careful calculation, blindly adding, resulting in excess.
    In conclusion, when using stabilized chlorine tablets added to a pool, it is important to ensure that they are fully dissolved and evenly distributed throughout the water to achieve the best results.

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Best Practices for Adding stabilized chlorine tablets to Your Pool

The following safety precautions need to be taken when handling stabilized chlorine tablets:

  1. Wear gloves: Because chlorine tablets are chemicals, you need to wear gloves when adding them to avoid contact with your skin and causing damage to it, especially if you have skin allergies.
  2. Hold your breath: If you open a pack of new chlorine tablets, it is best to hold your breath when opening the lid, and after opening the lid, leave for a while to avoid inhaling toxic gas.
  3. Follow the guidelines: Strictly follow the instructions to do so.
  4. Store properly: stabilized chlorine tablets must be stored in a dry and ventilated place, not under the sun, which will make the chlorine tablets ineffective.
  5. Prohibit the use of chlorine tablets mixed with other items, which may cause a chemical reaction.

There are several ways to add pool-stabilized chlorine tablets as follows:

1Automatic drifters: Automatic drifters are a kind of equipment specially designed for swimming pools.
2. Skimmer
3. Pump basket
In short, before adding any type of chlorine tablets, please make sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer and follow them. Remember, always make sure to distribute the chlorine evenly.

Tips to ensure even distribution of chlorine in the pool

  1. Stir the water: After putting in the stabilized chlorine tablets, use an agitator to stir the pool.
  2. Multi-point addition: You can put it in several places in the pool.
  3. Timing: It is best to do it in the evening or early morning.
  4. Install automatic control system: Install automatic control system can see the chlorine level at any time.

Factors to consider when determining chlorine dosage

The size and depth of the pool: the larger the pool, the more chlorine tablets are needed.
Water quality: the quality of the water is also a factor in determining how many chlorine tablets to add
Number of bathers: the number of people using the pool is also a factor in determining how many chlorine tablets to add

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Do you need any other chemicals for a small pool other than this one? The pool is 8 x 30 Intex Pool
1. I had an 8×20 and this is all I needed.
2. How many tablets are needed for a 1000-gallon blow-up pool? And how long would that last?
4 tablets
3. How many tablets are included?
It doesn’t specifically list how many tablets, but it weighs 24 ounces. I’d say each tablet is about half an ounce, so approximately 50 tablets would be my guess.
4. How many tablets does it contain?
Never counted them but somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60

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