How to properly use small chlorine tablets in swimming pools

Cleaning pools can be done manually put small chlorine tablets but also can use equipment to put.

  1. Manual dosing, generally after the pool is closed or before opening, adding 2 grams of chlorine tablets per cubic meter of water can improve the effective chlorine 1.1 mg / L, the amount of chlorine tablets should be increased or decreased depending on the water quality, the residual chlorine in the pool water to 0.3-1.0 mg / L is appropriate, pay attention to the time of dosing, the pool chlorine tablets evenly scattered into the pool.
  2. Chlorine tablets can be put into the system dosing bucket to make a certain concentration of solution, through the automatic dosing pump from the pipeline into the pool water

Speaking of swimming pool disinfection sterilization, there are now a variety of ways on the market, chlorine tablets disinfection, ozone disinfection, copper and silver ion disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection …… variety, each with its advantages and disadvantages, but currently the most used is still the traditional small chlorine tablets disinfection method. Today we will share with you tips on how to properly use chlorine disinfectants.

Why small chlorine tablets for disinfection – low cost, high efficiency, and effective

Chlorine tablet disinfection – is a treatment method that uses chlorine tablets for the pool as a disinfectant to disinfect water. It can quickly and efficiently kill bacteria and microorganisms in water and also has a killing effect on hepatitis virus and epidemic liver virus, etc. It also reduces the chance of cross-infection and germs attacking the skin, which greatly reduces the potential for public health and safety risks.

As for other common disinfection methods, ozone disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection are instantaneous disinfection methods, which can only be used as auxiliary disinfection with chlorine disinfectant when the water enters the pool; and the higher-end copper and silver ion disinfection method, the price of the equipment is very high and therefore not suitable for public pools, and copper and silver are heavy metals, whether there is the harm in the water is not yet known. Therefore, chlorine disinfection is currently the most widely used method of pool water disinfection in the world.

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small chlorine tablets
small chlorine tablets

How many small chlorine tablets need to be added

Residual chlorine level is an important indispensable indicator for pool water quality testing. According to national regulations, the normal range of domestic values is 0.3 ppm to 1 ppm. residual chlorine to maintain in the normal range is the key to protecting the safety of swimmers. Chlorine concentration is too low will make the water disinfection not in place, bacteria breeding. Too high may lead to discomfort, nose, throat, and irritation of swimmers. So, how much chlorine needs to be put in? The amount of residual chlorine can be increased according to the need.

How to choose small chlorine tablets

There are a variety of different small chlorine tablets disinfection supplies on the market, there are instant, slow-release, and effervescent tablets, there is single-function disinfection, and there are also multi-function, so how should we choose?

Single function disinfectant

Used for daily maintenance, to protect the pool water disinfection sterilization effect can choose single-function small chlorine tablets disinfectant. Instant Disinfectant Fast dissolving, good disinfection, and sterilization effect, safe and long-lasting, is the most common one. Slow-release chlorine tablets Slow-release active ingredients, mainly used with disinfection cartridges or floats, more accurate dosage, more convenient to use. If you encounter poor water quality, you can use effervescent tablets for water quality first aid. It can dissolve quickly when it meets water and roll over in the water to dilute and release the active ingredients, so the disinfection of pool water will be more effective.

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Multifunctional disinfectants

If the pool water quality is poor, turbid, with long algae, or after the rain, after the first water change, you can use a multi-functional disinfectant with algae, clarification, such as a three-in-one, four-in-one pool maintenance agent. Not only can sterilize and disinfect, but also clarify the water quality, improve the underwater microenvironment, and prevent and control the growth of algae. In addition, the four-in-one pool maintenance agent also has the role of protecting the pool pipeline equipment and tiles.

In addition, high-flow public pools can be used with pool softener to improve the total alkalinity of the water, enhance the buffering capacity of the pool water itself after swimmers enter the water, and stabilize the PH value. While outdoor pools can be an appropriate amount of chlorine tablets for pool stabilizer to prevent chlorine in high temperatures and ultraviolet light rapid volatilization, and slow chlorine consumption.

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How do put small chlorine tablets?

Liquid and small granular instant chlorine disinfectant tablets should be diluted or dissolved into a 5% chlorine disinfectant solution. Generally, the chlorine-containing disinfectant is first dissolved and diluted in water, then poured into the pool return port and placed so that the water circulates and runs for several hours.

Some family pools choose to use floats, and slow-release chlorine tablets are placed in the float to automatically and slowly release the active ingredient without having to put the disinfectant in every day, making it a relatively painless and lazy way to disinfect.
The same applies to solid chlorine tablets, there are also in-tube (external) disinfection cartridges, which can be flexibly controlled for dosage speed frequency, more accurate dosage, easy to use and clean, very convenient, and hassle-free.

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Cautions for chlorination

1、Chlorinated disinfectants have a slightly irritating odor, so it is recommended to use them outdoors or in a well-ventilated place, and to wear protective gloves and eye protection during operation.

2、Do not eat, drink or smoke when using to avoid inhalation.

3、Please wash your hands, forearms, and face thoroughly after the operation.

4、Please read the safety instructions before using the put.

5、Do not let children touch it, please keep away from fire and explosion hazards.

Emergency treatment

If you feel discomfort from accidental inhalation, consult a doctor.

If it accidentally gets into the eyes, wash it with water for 15 minutes and consult a doctor.

If accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but drink water and consult a doctor immediately.

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