Why and How To use 40 lb chlorine tablets For Pool

When you own a swimming pool, you may think you spend more time keeping it clean than you do enjoying it. One way to eliminate nasty intruders and keep your pool sparkling clean is to use 40 lb chlorine tablets. While the chlorine tablets for the pool won’t keep bugs, leaves, and other debris from making their way into your pool, they will help keep bacteria and algae under control. Chlorine tablets act like powerful sanitizers to keep your pool fresh and squeaky clean. 

Why is Pool Cleaning Important?

Let’s imagine because your tub and shower walls stay wet much of the time, it’s possible to mold will start to grow in there. If you don’t clean your tub regularly, you’ll be trying to bathe in a swamp after a while. 

Health and Safety

Bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms can thrive in dirty pools which may cause skin irritation or even infections among swimmers. Proper sanitation with disinfectants such as chlorine helps kill germs while preventing their spread.


Clean water looks better than murky, cloudy water; thus maintaining clear blue waters has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis.

Equipment Maintenance

Regular cleaning of filters pumps etc prevents damage caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals or debris buildup.


By keeping the chemical balance right -which comes with regular cleaning- you can avoid more expensive repairs down the road due to equipment damages, leaks & corrosion.

40 lb chlorine tablets

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How To Use 40 lb chlorine tablets For Pool?

1. Put chlorine tablets in the chlorinator or floater.

We always recommend using a chlorinator or floater for your 40 lb chlorine tablets. A chlorinator will automatically disperse chlorine into your pool at the rate you set it to. There is an adjustable setting on the unit that you should be able to change when needed. A floater has a similar concept. It is a plastic vessel that holds your tablets and floats around in the pool. These can also be adjusted to let more or less chlorine be released into your water. 

2. Check the chlorinator or floater weekly and refill as needed.

Adding 40 lb chlorine tablets to your chlorinator or floater should be part of your weekly maintenance. Every week when adding your other maintenance chemicals, you should be checking your chlorinator or floater to see if any tablets need to be added. If your chlorinator or floater is empty, you should refill it with the appropriate amount of tablets. 

3. Add one three-inch tablet for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool.

You should never rely on your chlorine tablets for a chlorine reading. 40 lb chlorine tablets should only be a helping hand. Instead of filling your chlorinator or floater to the top with tablets, use one three-inch tablet for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. If you are shocking your water weekly, this amount of tablets should be perfect to maintain a good chlorine level.

How long do chlorine tablets take to dissolve?

Chlorine tablets can be safely put in the swimming pool, but it is important to use them correctly according to manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines. The amount of time it takes for chlorine tablets to dissolve can vary depending on various factors like pool water temperature, pH level, and the size of the tablet. However, 3-inch chlorine tablets are designed to dissolve slowly over a period of about 5-7 days under normal conditions.

That being said, It’s important to monitor FAC levels regularly -at least once per week- while adjusting dosages as needed based on test results in order to maintain optimal swimming conditions throughout all areas!

In addition ,it is recommended that you place the chlorine tablets within a floating dispenser or specialized holder designed for this purpose rather than adding them directly into your skimmer basket or pump basket; this will help ensure even distribution while avoiding direct contact with swimmers which may cause skin irritation.

Here are some additional tips for using chlorine tablets safely:

Store Them Properly: Keep your chlorine tablets stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture.

Wear Protective Gear: Always wear gloves when handling chemicals like chlorine tablets; this will protect your skin from irritation or burns.

Don’t Mix Chemicals: Never mix different types of chemicals as this can cause dangerous reactions leading to toxic fumes or explosions.

Follow Recommended Dosages: Over-dosing with too many chlorinating tabs can lead to over-chlorinated pools which may cause skin irritation or even health problems if ingested accidentally during swimming activities

In conclusion, following proper usage guidelines according to manufacturer recommendations while monitoring critical indicators will help you maintain an optimal balance of sanitation without harming swimmers’ health or damaging equipment!

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