Not sure how to clean an above ground pool? Your Needs 3 Chlorine Tablets 25 lbs

As you may already know, chlorine is a pretty common chemical that is added to the pool in order to keep the water safe and hygienic. Chlorine is also used in mineral water filters, under sink water filters to maintain the purity level of water.

In swimming pools, 3 chlorine tablets 25 lbs are used not only to kill bacteria in the water but also to prevent the growth of algae and to maintain the proper pH level.

What do you need to know about 3 chlorine tablets 25 lbs?

Amount: The amount of chlorine tablets you need for your pool is different for different pools since it is based on various factors such as water type, size of the pool, filtration system, etc. You should also get your pool water tested with a pool test kit to determine its pH and existing chlorine level before you buy a box of chlorine tablets. Ideally, the pH level of the water should be between 7.2 to 7.8 whereas the chlorine level should be between 1 and 3 parts per million.

Size: Chlorine tablets designed for all kinds of water bodies are usually available in 2 size options that are 1 inch and 3 inches. Usually, 1-inch chlorine tablets are better for smaller water bodies like hot tubs and spas. These tablets dissolve a lot faster and offer a little chlorine level increment for the water. On the other hand, 3 chlorine tablets 25 lbs are more suitable for water bodies containing more than 5000 gallons of water. While these options might be slower in terms of dissolving speed, they can increase the chlorine level pretty fast.

How Do 3 Chlorine Tablets 25 lbs Work?

Tablets are Considered a favorite sanitizer among private and residential pool owners due to their long life.

The tablet chlorine contains an active component trichloro-s-triazinetrione which makes the chlorine highly available and at a slow rate, for its efficiency. The rate of dissolution depends on the amount of time it’s in contact with pool water. The tablets should be as evenly dispersed as possible for your pool to be sufficiently chlorinated. In addition, stabilized chlorine tablets contain chlorouric acid.

To learn and Really understand the role of
Swimming pool water quality can use chlorine tablets to meet the latest standards Read this article: 
Swimming pool water quality can use chlorine tablets to meet the latest standards

3 Chlorine Tablets 25 lbs
3 Chlorine Tablets 25 lbs

What is Cyanuric Acid and Why is Its Level Important?

Cyanuric acid (CYA) is the key ingredient of stabilized chlorine. It enables chlorine to last longer in your pool, therefore prolonging the sanitization effect.

As cyanuric acid increases, the efficacy of chlorine decreases. too high levels reduce the chlorine’s ability to keep the pool clean of algae and bacteria. Maintaining an optimal balance between the two is crucial for a clean and healthy pool.

When you notice chemicals are out of balance, add as needed to bring them back to the correct range.

Be sure not to add more than one chemical at a time as doing so can cause a chemical reaction in your pool and we want to avoid this at all costs. You should also follow the manufacturer’s directions on the package when adding chemicals to your pool.

Where Should You Place The Tablets In The Pool?

Should you just toss your 3 chlorine tablets 25 lbs and forget about it till next week on the scheduled date? No! when you toss them, they might settle on the pool bottom and cause staining on the concrete or liner for efficient and even chlorination of the pool the tablets should be evenly distributed with the aid of a device.

Below are some of the ways you can dispense your chlorine tablets.

· Automatic Chlorinator (Chlorine Feeder)

· Floating Chlorine Dispenser

· Pool Skimmer

if You have the skimmer already so all you need is to buy the 3 chlorine tablets 25 lbs. As water is drawn into the skimmer it passes over your tablets dissolves and gets drawn into the filtration system. The water circulates back via the return jets allowing the chorine even distribution.

It’s important to note you can only dispense via this method when your pump is running. When you stop running the pump, check out and remove removing the partially-dissolved tablets. This will help avoid corrosion of your lines from the highly chlorinated water stuck on the filtration lines.

Pools Daily Cleaning Activities

· Make sure that, during the swimming season, your pump and filter system is running for at least 6 hours in any 24 hours. Don’t run it for 6 hours straight. 

· It only takes a couple of minutes a day, but skimming the surface to remove leaves, bugs, pollen, etc. gets a lot of stuff out of your pool before it can do any damage. 

· Empty the skimmer basket every day.

If you are new to pool maintenance, don’t be nervous, adding chemicals to your pool is a simple process and something you’ll get the hang of quickly. Before long, you’ll be a pool expert!

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