How to Use 50 lb Chlorine Tablets to Stay Out of a Tinted Pool in 48 Hours or Less?

A pool that “looks” clean, isn’t necessarily clean to swim in. Seemingly clear water can be filled with micro bacteria and other contaminants. Which is exactly why products like 50 lb chlorine tablets exist. 

As you know, chlorine is what sanitizes your pool and keeps it germ-free and safe. 50 lb chlorine tablets sanitization process starts when it enters your pool. As it begins mixing with the water, chemical breakdowns occur. During these breakdowns, two important compounds are formed: hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions.

Both compounds actively sanitize your water by oxidizing the contaminants in your pool. But while hypochlorite ions are more “slow release” and oxidize over long periods, hypochlorous acid begins working on contact. Together, they keep your water germ free and safe for swimming in a variety of situations.

Causes and solutions for cloudy swimming pool water

· poor filtration 

if your pool filter isn’t functioning properly then it can’t remove the tiny contaminants that cause cloudy pool water the solution keeps your pool water circulating properly. all of your pool water must run through your filter system at least once a day which usually means running your filter for at least eight hours daily.

Tips: Clean/backwash/clear out debris regularly from filters, strainers/screens. Replace worn-out filter media/cartridges according to manufacturers’ instructions/maintenance schedules.

· low chlorine levels

when there is not enough chlorine to sanitize, your water bacteria and bodily contaminants like sweat can build up and Cloud your water chlorine levels. can also drop.

If there’s a lot of debris like leaves in your pool or if your chlorine isn’t stabilized, the solution test and adjust your chlorine and cyanuric acid start by testing your free and combined chlorine levels.

Tips: eye on that chlorine if it’s too high or too low, if chlorine tablets once they start to disappear then it’s time to add some new ones.

The  50 lb chlorine tablets do their job and making sure it kills any algae or bacteria that are in the water what you need to do though is make sure you top up those levels to make sure the chlorine tablets can keep on working and keeping the water clean and safe.

50 lb Chlorine Tablets

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Imbalanced Water Chemistry

Poorly balanced pH levels, total alkalinity (TA), or calcium hardness (CH) can contribute to cloudiness. High or low pH levels can affect the effectiveness of chlorine and hinder its ability to sanitize properly.

Tips: test kit to test the water factors is essential if the pool is one two-week service you can check for the total chlorine and the pH every week once a month check for the alkalinity doesn’t change. this helps balance your alkalinity in ph which is for makes the water feel better on the skin and eyes.

Algae Growth

Algae blooms are a common cause of cloudy pool water. If left untreated, algae multiply rapidly and give the water a greenish tint along with cloudiness.

Tips: Address Algae Growth Promptly, Use appropriate algaecides, and follow recommended dosages to eliminate algae and prevent further growth. Regular brushing, vacuuming,& shock treatments may be necessary depending on severity!

that cause cloudy pool water and how to fix each one remember you need to tackle the root of your issue first otherwise the cloudy water will just come right back.

Question 1: How many tablets do I need for my pool?

If you’ve got standard chlorine tablets (200g each), you’ll need one tablet per 20,000 liters. So for a pool that contains 60,000 liters of water, you’ll need 3 tablets every week to keep it sanitized. To be on the safe side, we recommend testing your water balance regularly and adding tablets as necessary.

Question 2: Can I put 50 lb chlorine tablets directly in the pool?

We don’t advise putting 50 lb chlorine tablets directly in your pool. They’ll sink to the bottom and the concentrated levels of chlorine will damage pool surfaces or equipment. What’s more, loose tablets are unsafe for swimmers. They may accidentally step on them and experience burning or discomfort. 

Question 3: How long after adding chlorine tablets can I swim in the pool?

Because chlorine tablets dissolve very slowly, just make sure the filtration system has been running for a while (i.e. you’ve had at least one full cycle) and that chlorine levels are within range before you dive in. If you’ve got a floating dispenser, remove it before swimming. The chlorine levels around it could be higher and irritate swimmers.

Question 4: How long should you run your pool pump? 

Ideally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But since that’s not feasible for everyone’s budget or equipment, we recommend running your filter at least 10 to 12 hours a day. That’ll turn the water over a few times and help keep your pool safe and clean.

Ready to sanitize your pool with minimum effort and maximum results? Then get started!

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