About How to Care for a Hot Tub and Use Of 1-inch Small Chlorine Tablets

We all love the fun parts of owning a hot tub—relaxing, reading, and testing out our theories about time travel.

While owning a hot tub isn’t exactly rocket science, there are still some things you should do to make sure that you take great care of your spa, How to Care for Your Hot Tub and About Which those 1-inch Small Chlorine Tablets, there got some tips to share with you.

How Many 1-inch Small Chlorine Tablets To Use?

· The amount of hours of sunshine and the UV index: the more sunshine, the more the chlorine level drops.

· Bugs and leaves in the swimming pool water: leaves and bugs cause the active chlorine in the pool water to diminish.

· The number of hours swum per day: the more you swim, the more the chlorine is broken down.

Then you can easily calculate the amount of chlorine by calculating 0.013 grams of chlorine per 100 litres of water (number of litres of your pool / 100 x 0.013). For example, do you have a pool of 5000 litre swimming pool? Then add about 1 to 2 chlorine tables of 20 grams to the water. Always allow previous chlorine tablets to dissolve completely before adding new tablets to the pool water.

When you add chemicals to your hot tub it’s important to get them dissipated thoroughly and mixed into the entire hot tub after all there are hundreds of gallons in there and you don’t want the sanitizer to just be in a portion of it.

So the best way to do that is to turn all of the jets and water features on as you’re adding the chemicals that way it’s just going to get everything circulated it’s going to pull all of that water through the heater and the filters and just get it thoroughly mixed in the only time.Quoting Wikipedia

To learn and Really understand the role of
Swimming pool water quality can use chlorine tablets to meet the latest standards Read this article: 
Swimming pool water quality can use chlorine tablets to meet the latest standards

1-inch Small Chlorine Tablets
1-inch Small Chlorine Tablets

How To Maintain A Hot Tub Daily

Keep your water clean: You should always keep your water clean and comfortable! Hot tubs can be a breeding ground for bacteria if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Regularly clean and replace filters: The filters in your hot tub help keep impurities from building up. You should clean your filters about once every three months. It’s also a good idea to replace your filter at least once a year.

Cover your tub when it’s not in use: Just like a jar of mayo, your hot tub will stay healthier if you keep the lid on it when you’re not using it. The cover helps your hot tub maintain a constant temperature, and keeps out bugs, frogs, and other invaders. 

Most of the time, you’re gonna find that you have to top off your hot tub probably about once a month. you’ll notice that for about a month, your hot tub water might go down by one maybe even two inches.

It depends on the water temperature that you have it set to and what the ambient air temperature is, how often you use it, and whether you use the jets while you’re soaking those things can all lead to water evaporation it’s totally. don’t be afraid to top off your hot tub just check the chemicals with the test strip after you’ve topped it off because you probably are going to need to do some minor adjustments.

What To Do Before Travel or Business Trip

If you’re going on vacation don’t shut off the hot tub unless you’re going to be gone say a month or more and then in that case go ahead and drain it and clean it out and turn the power and shut it down. but if you’re just going to be gone a week or maybe even two weeks just add a little bit extra chlorine right before you go that way it’ll kind of maintain the water chemistry.

Pets and Hot Tubs are Not a Good Mix

You love your dog, so of course, you want to bring the pup everywhere when possible. Unfortunately, a hot tub can be too hot for pets to handle, and the risk of injury is not worth the dip. Apart from that, the excess hair from a pet can cause clogs in the hot tub. Even though clogs are a regular occurrence, purposely bathing with pets can make the problem worse and may require professionals to fix it. Finally, let’s talk about your pet’s claws. Their nails can scratch the surface of vinyl, plastic, or acrylic hot tub, causing the protective coating to peel off. The damaged surface can cost hundreds of dollars to fix.


The cost of hot tub maintenance is cheaper than pricey repairs you could have avoided. To keep your hot tub safe, sanitary, and cost-efficient, never:

· Skip regular water testing.

· Skimp on your hot tub maintenance schedule.

· Forget to protect your cover from the elements, sharp objects, and chemical overload.

· Take a bubble bath in your hot tub.

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