1-inch Chlorine Tablets – The Best Cleaning Assistant For Spas

Hot tubs can be enjoyed by yourself or with a group of friends, making it a popular relaxation method. over 70% of polled Americans believe that a spa would increase their quality of life. 

While hot tubs are designed to help ease worries, murky water can cause concern in spa users and ruin the overall experience. Fortunately, there are simple ways to maintain a hot tub and keep its water crystal clear. 

Best way to clean a hot tub filter

· Depending on the frequency a spa is used, a hot tub filter can clog up with hair, dirt, and other debris. Rinsing a hot tub filter weekly allows clean water to pass through freely and guarantees that debris is not reentering the spa.

· If you use your hot tub regularly, you should change out the water every three months. If you do not regularly use your spa, you should change the water at least every four months. When you change a hot tub’s water, you should also clean the tub’s interior. 

· The biggest part of cleaning a hot tub is cleaning what you can’t see. The warm, dark, damp plumbing of a spa is an ideal environment for the development of chlorine-resistant pathogens such as mold, fungus, algae, bacteria, and biofilm.

To ensure that these contaminants are denatured you should decontaminate the spa. To decontaminate, you need to super-chlorinate the water with hot tub 1-inch Chlorine Tablets.

What Are 1-inch Chlorine Tablets?

Out of the many products and chemicals that can be used to sanitize your hot tub, 1-inch Chlorine Tablets make that task a lot simpler to do1-inch  chlorine tablets  are tablets made of chlorine that dissolve when you place them into your hot tub water.

1-inch Chlorine tablets can work in a variety of different ways. For one, they sanitize your spa water, working to kill and prevent harmful bacteria from building up in your hot tub. This is crucial especially if your hot tub is frequently open to guests aside from yourself or family.

Aside from sanitizing, 1-inch chlorine tablets can make a huge difference in how the water in your hot tub feels. When using a powerful brand of hot tub chlorine tablets, the water itself can feel a lot smoother and softer, making it a lot more comfortable for you and your guests to be in.

How to Use 1-inch Chlorine Tablets in a Hot Tub

1-inch Chlorine Tablets

To learn How to use pool chlorine tablets 25 lbs, read this article: How to use pool chlorine tablets 25 lbs

Chlorine tablets are slow dissolving and therefore need to be placed in either a floating dispenser, in-line chlorine feeder, or a skimmer basket. This ensures good flow to allow the tablets to dissolve and also ensures that the tablets are never in direct contact with the hot tub surface and are out of reach for hot tub users.

How Many Chlorine Tablets Are Needed?

For smaller hot tubs we recommend 1-3 tablets and for larger hot tubs 3-5 tablets. Unfortunately, this question doesn’t have one simple answer and it depends on lots of factors like water flow, usage, and hot tub size. Test your water regularly after start-up and see how the levels are sitting. If the tablets are not coping with the demand then add more or if the chlorine level is too high then reduce the amount. 

What Is The Proportion Of Added Chlorine Tablets?

Add chlorine at a minimum ratio of 2.5 ounces (5 tablespoons, 75 grams) of chlorine per 100 gallons (400 liters) of spa water. For this treatment to be effective the chlorinated water must be distributed throughout the entire plumbing system. Ensure that diverter valves are midway and that all jets, valves, waterfalls, water features, and aerators are open and are subjected to chlorine.,Do not use the spa during the decontamination process.

After 72 Continuous Hours Of Successful Chlorination:

· Remove your filter and clean it.

· Use a plumbing cleanser to clean your plumbing.

· Drain the spa.

· Install the clean filter and refill the tub as per the spa manufacturer’s directions.

· Balance the alkalinity to between 80-150 if necessary.

· After the alkalinity is balanced, then ensure that the pH is between 7.2 and 7.8, adjust if necessary.

How Can I Use Less Chlorine In Your Hot Tub?

High levels of chlorine can be undesirable. The keys to maintaining safe and healthy hot tub water while using lower levels of chlorine as a sanitizer are:

Keeping pH levels balanced – ideally close to pH 7.2

Why Are PH Levels Important?

At a pH of 8, over half of the chlorine added to your hot tub water is ineffective. At a pH of 7.2 chlorine efficacy rises to 90%. This means that 90% of chlorine is actively available to kill algae and bacteria.

My hot tub water smells strongly of chlorine what should I do?

Your hot tub water can start to smell when chlorine combines with organic waste (body fluids, dead skin, etc). This waste and chlorine mixture then produces a compound called chloramine.

Chloramine gives off a strong chlorine odor and is often mistaken for too much chlorine. This smell is an indication that the chlorine has been used up. Shock treatment will break down chloramine. It can be easily removed from the water, freeing up the chlorine to work more effectively.

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